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You Are Absolutely Perfect!

Description: Celebrating You

Your personality is how you chose to experience life. It’s what you show
others, and how you present yourself to the world.

So consider this, you are wired to succeed. Would your soul design it any
other way?

Wouldn’t your soul design your personality to perfectly accommodate the life
you want to live at a soul level?

You could say that your personality is perfect, because it is! Even the
patterns we create and label as “counterproductive”, are tools to grow and
evolve by. We just have to no notice what way of being no longer works for
us, then get the lesson … without making ourselves wrong, or blaming

Everything in life is designed to support your soul growth as you play in
the sandbox of time and space. You are designed to succeed!

So, how would your life shift right now… if you lived from the inner
knowing that you are divine perfection, AND wired to succeed?

How would you see yourself? What actions would you take now? How would you
see others?

Any feeling of hardship or struggle is just a signal that you’re not keeping
up with who you truly are. So, what’s the fastest path to soul freedom, and
living the life you were born to enjoy?

Go in the direction of your dreams, let joy and happiness lead the way.

Your friend and partner celebrating your perfection, Elari Onawa (aka Laura Cardone)

Hi I’m Laura Cardone, founder and President of Profits with Purpose, which is simply this – knowing what you truly want, and then allowing yourself to have it. So it’s about living a life you love!

The mission of this company, and those we partner with, is to help you create a life that fulfills you on every level! We do this through transformative programs, one-on-one mentoring, and online services and tools. We enthusiastically serve all those who are ready align with their heartfelt dreams and desires!

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Brand Yourself SPECTACULAR


Gwyneth, Before                                       Gwyneth, After

Powerful brands stand out. They never blend in with the rest of the products on the shelf. Branding for People© is pretty much the same.  When you’re with a crowd of people, you need to stand out and look head and shoulders above the others. This doesn’t mean you need Hollywood glamour or glitzy garments or colors. As you can see, Gwyneth stands out much more in the After photo than in the before photo.

Gwyneth is a very attractive woman, by any standards. She has been in the mortgage banking business for 25 years and wanted a makeover in order to be taken more seriously. At times she felt dismissed and occasionally thought she was taken advantage of.

I told Gwyneth that the reason people dismissed her was because of the wimpy pastels she wore consistently. “The darker the color, the higher the authority; so pastels convey little to no authority,” I explained, “and they make you look invisible.”

“But I was told by an image consultant a number of years ago that I need to wear pastels, like this baby pink jacket” she replied. She was also advised to wear pearls. Gwyneth admitted that her closet was filled with hodgy podgy pastels. “A friend of mine tried to talk me out of buying a pastel pink sweater a year ago,” she recalls, “but I bought it anyway. I think I wore it twice, and then I gave it away. I’d like to discover the colors that make me look good, but also the ones that make me feel good about myself. My friend was a client of yours, so I guess she knew what she was talking about,” Gwyneth sighed. “I wish I had listened to her.”

“The truth is,” I reassured her, “most people choose colors from the “heart and soul” and not from the mirror, so it’s literally impossible to argue successfully with a person about the colors they habitually wear. And it’s even more difficult when you’ve been told by an “expert” that you look your best in pastels. It’s no wonder you ignored your friend’s advice. Let’s discover for once and for all the colors that make you feel like a million and look absolutely fabulous.”

After the color analysis, Gwyneth saw for herself that pastels washed her out and also made her hair and eyes look dull. Once she saw how beautiful she looked in bold colors like royal blue and fuchsia, she was excited about discovering more colors that made her look and feel good.

When Gwyneth tried on the magenta jacket, she remarked that she would never have chosen a color that bold. One look in the mirror, however, and she beamed with delight. “This is who I want to be; a confident woman who exudes power but isn’t overbearing; a woman who commands respect. I’m tired of being a Plain Jane executive,” she exclaimed.”

Once we discovered Gwyneth’s correct color category, it was time to look at makeup. “I don’t wear lipstick,” she explained, “and only a little bit of mineral powder on my face.”

We began with a very light application of foundation that matched her skin perfectly. It made her truly good skin look even better, and the result was youthful skin that didn’t look made up. She liked it, because foundation had always seemed so thick and heavy to her before, which was why she opted for powder. A gentle dusting of pink blusher gave her an even more feminine and youthful look.

Next she tried a soft fuchsia lipstick that gave a subtle touch of color. She was okay with that. However, she needed a deeper shade with the magenta suit, and once she saw how it brightened up her entire face, especially her eyes, she changed her attitude about “bright lipstick.”

Most women are afraid of lipstick, because they’ve never given it a chance. The truth is, lipstick ensures that the face always remains the focal point. When the face is a sea of beige, our eyes wander. Lipstick literally keeps our attention on the eyes and even makes them glisten. Gwyneth couldn’t believe what the magenta lipstick did for her turquoise eyes. “They look much brighter now,” she said in amazement.

The finishing touch was tweaking her hair a little. Her hair was healthy and attractive, but I recommended she change the part from the middle to a side part. She has a natural cowlick that she was trying to avoid, but it actually turned out to be a blessing, since it enabled me to sweep the hair away from her beautiful face. Her old hairdo made her face look slightly rectangular. Once I smoothed her hair out with a flat iron and brought it away from her face, everything changed.  Her face was framed and brought out by her hair, instead of being overwhelmed by it. I recommended she ask her hairdresser to even out the length a bit, since her old hairstyle was long in the front and much shorter in the back. This style is ever popular, but it often gives a droopy effect to the face, as Gwyneth discovered.

Most people constantly improve their skills, but they don’t think of improving their image. There’s nothing nicer than looking in the mirror, seeing the “new you” and beaming from ear to ear. When you change your image, you can actually change your life, because you leave the house each day with a whole new attitude about yourself!

Sandy Dumont is an internationally-known image consultant with 30 years experience. Her latest product is a 12-DVD Video set for women, and you can have it at a fabulous introductory price at her website:  www.theimagearchitect.com.

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It's Simple!

by Laura Cardone, SOUL PATH branding expert.

We can’t create barriers and roadblocks, and expect a smooth journey. Yet we do this every time we give into a self-defeating thought or habit!

Instead, choose to see a clear road, choose to live happy!

It’s easy.

- Turn toward the answers, instead of dwelling on the problems.
- Notice what’s working well, more than what seems to be wrong.
- Appreciate all of the goodness in your life, and more will come.
- Count your blessings, instead of your worries.
- Smile more, frown less.
- Make being happy you’re highest priority and what you desire will fall easily into place, guaranteed!
- Create a “DONE list”, and see the “To Dos” take care of themselves!
- Decide that it really can be that easy, smooth, and fun, and it will be.
- Surround yourself with people who lift you up!
- Give more hugs!
- Believe, instead of doubting.
- Forgive faster.
- Expect more pleasure and ease, and you’ll have it.
- See yourself soaring with the birds, instead of swimming with the fishes!
- Sit under the stars, or marvel at the sunrise.
- Jump in more puddles!
- Fire the inner critic and forget the severance package. Bye, Bye!
- Feel more, think less.
- Laugh as much as possible.
- Play at work.
- Love yourself, and you’ll be able to love everyone else!

These are choices, simple, yet very powerful choices. And this moment is a potential turning point for you!

If you really want a breakthrough, if you want to stop recreating something in your current reality, stop now. Pause, breathe deeply, let it go on the exhale, and relax.

Now start at the beginning and read this again. This time, allow yourself to fully absorb the true power of this message.

Then decide. Are you ready to release what no longer works? If so, declare that it’s time to give it up, and let it go! It’s done, gone, finished!

See yourself easily choosing what you truly want to expand in your experience. Now how does that feel? Sit with this for a moment, and really feel it in every cell of your body. Claim it as yours now! Know that this IS a liberating TURNING POINT for you. You are a master. Live happy! You’ve got the power!

Your friend and partner in divine discoveries,


Copyright© Laura Cardone 2003-2011 All Rights Reserved. www.profitswithpurpose.com is for inspired dreamers in action, and adventurous souls who are just too marvelous for words!

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Translating Your Personal Identity Into A Brand For Your Website

You’re chomping at the bit to serve powerfully. You know you need a website because EVERYONE and their mother uses the Internet to research before taking action (and she’s on Facebook, too, so watch out!). However, you’re a bit overwhelmed on how to get started building a site that is going to drive clients or members to you. Here are some basics that every coaching, counseling, consulting or non-profit site should have if you are just starting to get your name out there.

Andy Stanley and Joyce Meyers could put pictures of crickets on their front page and people would show up by the hundreds for the concert, but all the rest of us need to actually communicate clearly.

1. I suggest WordPress to start out with and the reason is, you will have control and can update it at no cost. I went with GoDaddy to start with and was irritated at the core with their “Hoochie Momma” advertising, so I switched to a faith-based company and have received the same excellent customer service. Contrary to what you have heard, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars creating a website. A simple, visually- clean site with no more than two accent colors is what profitable and site’s create. No music, flash graphics or anything that would delay them from reading further. Your website needs to ATTRACT, not distract, your customer as you only have 5 seconds to clearly communicate how you serve. A consistent brand, logo, and oh, no more than two sizes of fonts for headlines and then content.

2. Oh my gosh, this is an area that people really sabotage themselves with. Your front page is about your potential client/member. Not your accreditation’s or networks. Secondly, EXPERTS grow, Jack-of-all-trades don’t. Think heart surgeon. If you’re dying, do you go to a doc-in-the-box? Nope! You will invest deeply in someone who gets you and can take you EXACTLY where you want to go.

Tips for Success? IF you put your picture on front page, it should be small, professionally taken (no Facebook pics) and in the header. Many people don’t even put their pic on the front page, but rather, use pictures to draw the reader into the copy. I tested both and got better results with replacing my picture with a woman who looked like she was going to go postal if she didn’t get better results. And I enjoyed looking at my front page because it makes me laugh.

3. Create compelling copy.  Now, this is of utmost importance. What are your members/clients laying in bed at night wrestling over? What would they pay any amount of money to solve? Get specific. Write down four or five exact feelings and emotions they are experiencing. Then, be sure to relay at least three specific results they will get from partnering with you. Here is what Ray Edwards, a professional copywriter we interviewed for our membership group, Slingshot Success, told us:

Great copy will have three things:

  • A creative headline that grabs attention (and makes your reader want to read more)
  • Words that evoke emotion in your audience and make them think to themselves, “This person GETS me!”
  • Makes the audience want to take the action suggested by the writer

As a speaker, coach, counselor, consultant or ministry leader, you are looked upon as the person to lead your clients to a better situation. Your website will need to do the same. Lead your visitors to the results they are looking for. If you don’t have a clear sense of what you want visitors to do, your vision  as a leader is weakened, and the desire to hire or invest in your organization is greatly diminished.

4. Your website should give your audience information that is relevant, fresh and ideally, the resources they need to accomplish what it is they are looking for. If you have a blog, writing it consistently is the key, even if that is once a month on the same day. People associate consistency with stability. It is always a good idea to provide them with a gift for connecting with you that is reflective of your unique identity. If you are a large organization, providing a picture and an email of the person they need to connect with to receive that help is a great idea. Along with the room or place they are providing, in case they want to show up at the last minute. Lastly, include your phone number that they can use to reach you or direct email if they want more information.

5. Have powerful testimonials that give specifics about the results that are consistent with what you are branding. Testimonials are important and assure your audience that you can deliver quickly and consistently. A paragraph about how nice you are and how much integrity you operate in are useless if you are telling people that you can help them solve marriage problems. People want to know one thing: “What’s in it for me?” So tell them EXACTLY. When you finish serving people, have a template that asks them specific questions and confirms if you can edit their testimonials as long as you keep them in context. I always send my testimonials to the individual before publishing them in case a prospect contacts them as a reference wanting to know the testimonial is not exaggerated. As my husband tells our teenagers,  ”The truth will do.”

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Polish Your Brand Story and Shine

Certain aspects of your brand story, if updated or enhanced, can bring additional value to you and to your customers. Branding gives you the opportunity, over time, to associate your organization with the benefits and values that are important and relevant to your customer. In a fast-paced, ever-changing global marketplace, your brand represents the promise of service and the expectancy of future benefits. The expectancy of these future benefits motivates buyers to place a higher value on your brand and to be willing to invest in building a relationship with you and your brand. Therefore, maximize any opportunity you have to distinguish your brand. One way to do that is to identify, clarify and “polish” your marketing communications so that your brand shines out brightly from among all the others.

Are your clients’ perceptions of your brand a key factor in their decisions to purchase your product or service and to remain loyal customers?


_____ Refine the details of the core organizational values your brand promotes. Does your brand convince buyers to choose your products and services over that of your competitors? How is your core brand identity conveyed in your marketing? Do your core values connect with customer needs?


______ Select a writing style and tone that speaks to your niche audience. What writing style is appropriate? Formal? Conversational? Informative? Persuasive? What terminology does your customer group recognize? Are your customers experts? Or, are they new to their field?


_____ Choose content relevant to the challenges your audience seeks to solve. What do you want your audience/ideal reader to think or feel? What action do you want them to take? Does your core brand identity speak to customer attitudes, preferences and likes? Do your messages promote conviction and action?


___ Develop messages in media that are culturally relevant to your customers and prospects. What is the culture of your organization? How does it compare with the culture of your customers? In developing messages and choosing media, consider the strategic importance of customer orientation, competitor positioning, length of marketplace initiatives and any other factor pertinent to your core customers.


Are You the Apple of Your Customers’ Eyes?

Is your brand respected in the marketplace? Do your customers value their relationship with you and consider it important to their success? What actions do you take daily to increase your brand equity? To find out, identify areas that need improvement and evaluate your organizational marketing messages and media channels. Let us help you to identify Brand Story areas that need improvement. To get started on your review and evaluation, leave a comment here.

Maria Pinochet, marketing consultant and copywriter, thrives on living the entrepreneurial life and assisting others to realize their dreams of independence.

Her company, Kore Access, Incorporated produces marketing communications for online content and for printed materials. BrandStory, one of her copywriting services, delivers a script of your business story to use in digital and print media.



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Reclaiming Your Personal Power

by Laura Cardone, SOUL PATH branding expert.
One of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn for myself is in the area of Self responsibility. Some people like to call it Self-leadership, others’ call it integrity. I like to call it – Being True to your Self and what’s really important to you!

So here’s the bottom line. If there is an area that’s not working in our lives … then that’s an area, where we are not being true to what we really want. We’ve given our power away to excuses, and we are not taking action that is aligned with what we say we want!

So if you really want to grow your business, connect with fulfilling work, or create a juicy partnership with the love of your life, and it’s not happening, there’s only one reason why it hasn’t materialized.

You’re letting something else get it the way of what you said you wanted. It’s that simple! And you’ve made that something, more important than your dream!

So what gets in your way?  Just look at where you allow yourself to be stopped.

  •  Now break the cycle of creating from the past, and take a different action. No matter how small or big, take one step that is aligned with your goal or dream. And then keep taking those steps… in a spirit of play! And if you stumble, get up, brush yourself off and get back on your bike! Keep playing forward!

Enjoy your journey!

Laura Cardone

Your Life Is a Work of Art, Here Are Your Tools!


Copyright© Laura Cardone 2003-2011 All Rights Reserved. www.profitswithpurpose.com is for inspired dreamers in action, and adventurous souls who are just too marvelous for words!

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Branding for People: Establishing Your Signature Image

by PERSONAL BRANDING expert, Sandy Dumont

In order to brand yourself, it is necessary to craft your unique “signature image” in much the same way a professional speaker crafts a signature speech. You may be surprised to hear that the most dynamic and natural-sounding speeches are the ones that have taken months, even years, to perfect – often with the help of a coach. Branding yourself –crafting your image – is the same.

Once you have established your signature image you must maintain consistency. In both corporate branding and branding for individuals, trust and consistency go hand in hand. Product inconsistency has killed many a brand.

For individuals, consistency doesn’t just mean just wearing a suit. It means that your image or persona has a head-to-toe consistency that evokes instant trust and gives you high credibility. In plain language, it means that all of the components of your appearance are in sync. If even one element of your image is out of sync, it casts doubt on your overall credibility. Dated hairstyles or garments suggest that your products or services are also dated. Poor posture, scruffy shoes, negative body language, unflattering colors that detract – all these things undermine credibility.

Casual Friday isn’t a good idea if you’re a serious professional, because of the obvious inconsistency with your Signature Image. If you run into clients on the street, your casual attire could cast doubts about your seriousness. A true professional always looks professional.

Even in casual attire, at the company golf match for instance, you must look like you just left the polo match, not like you’re ready to clean out the garage. A client remarked that she ran into her surgeon at the grocery store one Saturday morning. He was sloppily attired and had dirty nails and messy hair to boot. “I wish I hadn’t seen him,” she said. “He looked so dirty, I couldn’t trust him to perform surgery on me ever again.”

Brands have power, but it is power that has been earned. If your image is inconsistent or not on a par with your products or services, you may be playing Wardrobe Roulette® with your future. At the very least, your credibility will be diminished.

Next month:  Tips for Creating a Powerful Professional Image

Sandy Dumont is a corporate image consultant and speaker. She has served Fortune 500 companies for 30 years and has presented on three continents. Contact her at 757.627.6669 or www.theimagearchitect.com. She has just created a video series for women, “Twelve Days to a Brand New You,” which is available on her website.



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Your Brand: Success Or Sabotage~Part 2

By Becky Harmon, BOLD IDENTITY Expert.

This is part two in a series of three on personal and organizational branding.

Creating a BOLD identity is essential for anyone who wants clarity, confidence and consistent success in their life. Your personal “brand” is a reflection of who you are core-wise. Your unique talents, character traits and strengths.

The process of “personal branding” relays to your friends, family and the world what makes you different from everyone else. What young and old people alike are searching for today is not so much success, but rather significance. Your identity is what makes you attract passionate and purposed partnerships or detracts from your ability to connect.

Here are a couple fun ways for you to take ownership of the identity you want to portray to others personally and organizationally.

  1. You must learn to like yourself at a core level. Not sure what is RIGHT about you? Go here and take Mark Gungors flag page test. It’s a really fun personality test that I have found amazingly accurate! To understand what exactly are your talents. What you will flex about and what you are totally non-negotiable about. Write down 3 to 5 things that you make up your unique brand and how you can communicate that consistently to those around you.
  2. Take control of what you can and relinquish to God what you can’t. We all sabotage ourselves inadvertently and that is why it is so important to be in prayer and doing confessions over yourself daily about WHO you are where you want to grow. If you want to continually be growing in influence, finances and service to others, you must be aware of the impact you make on those around you. I use John Eckhardts crazy titled book of scripture confessions, “Prayers That Rout Demons and Break Curses”. I write down WHO I want to become personally and organizationally and confess that over myself and my family members weekly.
  3.  Communicate WHO you and your business are CONSISTENTLY. Yes, I have raised my voice:) The long-term goal of branding is to relay what makes you significant. That happens through social media, eZines, your logo and website. Be consistent with who you are, what you do for others and how you do it. When you communicate your personal and organizational brand, you take the work you have done practically and prayerfully and begin to separate yourself from others boldly and with grace. Boldness does not mean pushy. It means clarity and confidence.
  4. Update your physical identity. Just as you update your internal brand and identity, you need to work on your external appearance. Did you know people form INSTANT opinions based on your appearance. It does not have to be right. It is fact. If you care about serving people powerfully you must be willing to go the extra mile to model to them a Bold physical identity so that they are assured you can deliver what you are promising. Alot of the reason why I have created a whole new system to help my clients do this is because after they have done the internal identity work, they now have to update their outer identity to match the new powerful internal one they have!

Becky Harmon

Success Not Sabotage

Becky is a certified Atlanta Life Coach and National Speaker  and is passionate about equipping Christians to move  from sabotage to success.  She has coached hundreds of men and women out of personal sabotage and into success. Determined to  become an overcomer after self-sabotaging herself with food, alcohol, rejection, depression and resentment, Becky through the grace of God, has succeeded and is paving the way for countless others to experience the best God has for them. She is a founding member of KSU Toastmasters Club and a member of the Georgia Christian Counselors Association.

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Begin Your Brand Story with a Vision

by Maria Pinochet, BrandStory Expert

A vision statement can be the foundation for the story of your brand. If you reach deep into your core, reflect on the reasons for getting into business, you will find the values and passions that got your started. How do you turn that self-knowledge into a brand story that is meaningful to your clients?

How do you manage your clients’ experiences so that your clients are placed “on track” to the best possible result? How do you align your processes to ensure satisfaction during their “journey” (as they investigate or use your service or product) and as they arrive at their “destination” (become a consumer of your brand)?

Why not let your company vision serve as the “train track” that leads the client through the stages of consumption and purchase of your brand? To successfully write a vision statement that helps accomplish a “smooth ride” and ensures “arrival” to the perfect experience for your clients, make sure to include what you and your brand:

  • Produce – so that they can assess its potential value in their business outcome.
  • Promise – so that they have a way to set expectations for their experience.
  • Deliver – so that they have a means to make a purchasing choice.

In order to create as close to 100% satisfaction at every point of contact your client has with your brand, a vision statement should answer the following questions: “In a perfect business environment, how do I want my service and/or product to perform?  What kind of experience do I want to create for my client?

What makes a compelling vision statement?

A successful vision is structured in such a way that the vision causes you and your clients to think, to feel and to act. Remember, in selling situations, people usually think through their values first, are then influenced by feelings or beliefs, and finally make a decision to purchase. If your vision statement, then, helps to justify your clients’ values, makes them feel good about the connection between those values and your service or product, they will be compelled to make that purchase.

Maria Pinochet, marketing consultant and copywriter, thrives on living the entrepreneurial life and assisting others to realize their dreams of independence.

Her company, Kore Access, Incorporated produces marketing communications for online content and for printed materials. BrandStory, one of her copywriting services, delivers a script of your business story to use in digital and print media.

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Do you know what you want?

 by Laura Cardone, SOUL PATH Branding Expert.

Have you ever had the experience of going for a dream or goal, and then falling short?

You were so inspired and lit up at the beginning, and you couldn’t wait to get started. It was actually fun imagining what it would be like when “you finally got there”.

And then, something happened that disrupted that beautiful possibility.  So you read another book, attended another seminar, or two or three or one hundred …

Or maybe you actually “got there”! You landed THE job, or bought that thing you really, really wanted, or … you launched a business, or found THE partner, and then you wondered … is this all there is?

Maybe you even wondered if there was something wrong with you … maybe you don’t have enough willpower or expertise, or it’s just not meant to be! And besides, “my life isn’t so bad”.

And this is when resignation set in, because the “it’s too hard” inner critic took over the party.

So, are you ready to hear something really interesting and refreshing? 

This is a very common experience, so you are not alone here. AND, here’s the really interesting and refreshing part, it’s also very easy to remedy.

You just have to be willing to allow yourself to PLAY again! That’s it! You have to be willing to let go of the “it’s too hard story”.  Because as long as you think it’s hard, it will be, and you will never take the actions that allow you to create what you really want in your reality!

What dream or goal have you given up? Is there an idea or something you want to expand in your life, but you haven’t allowed yourself to want it?

Here’s an easy way to get back on the playground!

  •  Create a list today of everything you’d like to allow yourself to want again!

There’ s Only One Rule; EVERYTHING that pops into your awareness, goes on the list! No censoring allowed! The list is for you and you alone. And just because something goes on the list, doesn’t mean you have to create it. Choosing comes later.

This practice is about getting back in touch with what you really want, and allowing yourself to play in the sandbox of pure creativity again! So you just allow yourself to want… for no particular reason!

This can be one of the most liberating experiences you can create for yourself! Because as you write and keep writing EVERYTHING that comes to you, something miraculous will emerge. You’ll get past the “have tos’ and shoulds” and start to discover what really lights you up. You’ll reconnect with the enthusiasm and excitement of being alive! You’ll reconnect with the creative spirit that resides within you!

Give yourself permission to really PLAY FULL OUT, and then watch the magic unfold!

Your friend and partner in the sandbox of time and space,

Laura Cardone

Your Life Is a Work of Art, Here Are Your Tools!


Copyright© Laura Cardone 2003-2011 All Rights Reserved. www.profitswithpurpose.com is for inspired dreamers in action, and adventurous souls who are just too marvelous for words!


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