Effective Delegation

Are you STILL trying to do EVERYTHING yourself?

There is a better way!

If you work 24-7, miss your family and friends, feel like you are working ‘round the clock and wondering why you are not generating more income, here is the hard truth.

 Trying to do everything by yourself will NEVER pay off.

The simple fact is:  If you want to grow your business, make more money, have more free time, you have got to outsource and delegate the things you don’t love to do or are not in your area of expertise. Holding on to these things are preventing you from growing to the next level as an entrepreneur.

 “Delegate or Stagnate” – Jay Van Andel (Co founder of Amway corporation)

What can be outsourced?  Training, administration, research, email, craigslist ad posting, seo article writing, website design and maintenance, video editing, sales and prospecting and much much more. In short: all of your fears and worries.

As an expert your time is best spent on revenue-generating activities like marketing, product creation, service creation and living a life.

So again, if you want to make more money, have more free time, and really grow your business to the next level…. then you have got to LET GO and delegate.

7 Steps to growth through delegating:

1.  Write out all the things you do not like to do, don’t have time to do, or never get around to doing; and get someone else to do them.

Things like:

  •  Administration (entering contracts, Sendoutcards.com, prospect lists, clients list etc.)
  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting
  • Cold calling clients and prospects
  • Link building
  • Research
  • Sending out press releases

The list goes on

To whom do you give these tasks?

Many of them are suitable for a virtual assistant. Some are better handled by a marketing assistant, and some by a project manager. Giving tasks to specialists will save time and money in the long run. You will see a higher return on investment when delegating to someone who is already a pro in that particular field.

Compared to the income generated with coaching and product sales, the consulting fees you pay out to subcontractors are a bargain.

2.  Use Dan Kennedy’s 7 step process to delegate your work effectively:

  • Define what is to be done. (Big picture)
  • Be certain the delegatee understands what is to be done. (Let them repeat it back and ask questions)
  • Explain why it is to be done in the way that your are asking it to be done. (Share your insight)
  • Teach them how it is to be done without micro managing. (Let them add to the conversation)
  • Be sure the delegatee understands the how-to process. (Do they have the skill set?)
  • Set the deadline for completion or progress report. (Give time for revisions)
  • Be sure you have an agreement to the date or time and method. (Ask them to confirm when they will send deliverables)

3.  Have reasonable expectations

Often when we think of handing the reins over to another, we have the fear that they won’t do it the way we want it to be done.  Sometimes this fear actually raises our expectations unfairly if we become too critical. Keep in mind that when beginning a delegation-based relationship, the process is very collaborative. You may expect two or three passes before the work is “just right”. Eventually the delegatee will come to know what you expect of them and may even begin to anticipate your response.

Sometimes the process of completing the task is the area in which there is doubt. “There is more than one way to skin a cat” and you never know the person to whom you are delegating may actually come up with a better method than you had in mind, and with better results.

You MUST not let the fear of not getting it right stop you from delegating.  You cannot move ahead without jettisoning some responsibilities and tasks in order to make room for more valuable tasks and responsibilities.

4.  Fire yourself

The only way to make more money and have more fun is to “FIRE YOURSELF” from your job.

Numerous tasks that can be delegated are things that are URGENT as opposed to important. Things like paying the bills to keep the lights on, sending invoices to pay the bills. Because these tasks are URGENT most people who try to do everything themselves actually spend MORE time an energy on things that are actually a $20-$30/hour job versus the $150-$200 consulting fee they could be earning with that time instead.

The value of tasks like marketing, bringing in new customers and keeping old customers coming back, is far more valuable than the daily URGENT stuff that is getting all the attention. You can always hire someone to train, do the administration, article writing, web design etc…but you can’t hire someone to effectively market and promote your business.

5.  Stop micro managing

If you find yourself constantly looking over the shoulder of the person to whom you are delegating, you are sabotaging their ability to work at their best. When people feel the pressure of being watched all the time, it is difficult to perform at 100%. Your subcontractors will blossom when given the freedom to innovate and create for themselves.  And besides, if you are spending all of your time watching them, who is out there selling and promoting your business?

6.  Delegate the things that scare you

Countless entrepreneurs have a difficult time sending press releases and contacting TV producers or cold-calling companies and prospects. Some people even have a fear of following up with warm leads. Think of the things that scare you, and then break these into tasks you can delegate to someone else.

Many times the reason we have things on our to-do list that never get done, is that we actually have a lot of fear or discomfort about doing them. Trying to work against resistance just makes the situation worse. It’s a waste of energy fighting against fear and uncertainty. Let it go. Let someone else do the things that scare you.

7.  Reevaluate

From time to time revisit the tasks that are being delegated. Do they still align with your vision and goals for your business? If not, change them. If so, keep moving forward. Take time to evaluate how your personal productivity has improved as well. Are you using the extra time for tasks like marketing and sales or spending time with family? We all benefit from checking in with our personal compass from time-to-time to make sure we are on our way to where we want to be.

Delegation can be scary but all it takes is that first step. Start out slowly and once you create momentum and you are on your way to owning a business rather than having a business own you.

Ok- so I get it, I need to delegate- now what?

After months of testing with a few select clients, I am now offering my Effective Delegation exercise to the public.

This exercise leads you through a process of breaking down your work week or month, identifying income-generating activities, and developing a strategy for working more productively and finally getting everything done with a successful delegation plan in place.

More time. More money. More satisfaction.

By delegating the things that drain our energy or distract us from the things we truly love to do, we are able to accomplish more every day and ultimately build our bottom line by focusing on income-generating activities.

Together, we look at your personal and professional goals, where you are now, and what type of employee or contractor would be best suited for each group of tasks. It also breaks some personal organization issues down into small action steps that lead to better productivity.
Here is just one of the testimonials I received about this program:
“Maggie — slyly and persistently — suggested that I work through her “successful delegation” program and exercise. Assuming this was her way of politely  and correctly identifying  me as a control freak, I accepted. WOW!  And Whew…. I’m so grateful I did this.  She not only allowed me to identify where I needed help, but also created a very comprehensive strategy of delegation for my practice.  I was blown away.  This exercise has already transformed the way I work, and I am so grateful she took the time to go over it with me.  Thanks Maggie!”
Michelle Pippin

I am offering my effective delegation exercise by request only. So if you would like to be guided through the process, email me right away. 

Here is what the exercise looks like:

  1. You complete a questionnaire. This gives us a base-line to start from. Info like the things you least enjoy doing and things that never seem to get done.
  2. I send a follow up report as well as any questions I have for you.
  3. We follow up with a phone call to clarify any questions either of us may have. You then get a simple to follow action plan that actually saves you time and headache, and my recommendations for the type of delegation that will assist you the best.
In the spirit of full disclosure, if there is something that I would be a good fit for I am going to tell you. You do not have to hire me and we will still be friends if you don’t hire me. However, if I am not the best fit I will let you know who might be, the kinds of qualities this person might have, and the types of prequalifiers to look for.

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