It's Simple!

by Laura Cardone, SOUL PATH branding expert.

We can’t create barriers and roadblocks, and expect a smooth journey. Yet we do this every time we give into a self-defeating thought or habit!

Instead, choose to see a clear road, choose to live happy!

It’s easy.

- Turn toward the answers, instead of dwelling on the problems.
- Notice what’s working well, more than what seems to be wrong.
- Appreciate all of the goodness in your life, and more will come.
- Count your blessings, instead of your worries.
- Smile more, frown less.
- Make being happy you’re highest priority and what you desire will fall easily into place, guaranteed!
- Create a “DONE list”, and see the “To Dos” take care of themselves!
- Decide that it really can be that easy, smooth, and fun, and it will be.
- Surround yourself with people who lift you up!
- Give more hugs!
- Believe, instead of doubting.
- Forgive faster.
- Expect more pleasure and ease, and you’ll have it.
- See yourself soaring with the birds, instead of swimming with the fishes!
- Sit under the stars, or marvel at the sunrise.
- Jump in more puddles!
- Fire the inner critic and forget the severance package. Bye, Bye!
- Feel more, think less.
- Laugh as much as possible.
- Play at work.
- Love yourself, and you’ll be able to love everyone else!

These are choices, simple, yet very powerful choices. And this moment is a potential turning point for you!

If you really want a breakthrough, if you want to stop recreating something in your current reality, stop now. Pause, breathe deeply, let it go on the exhale, and relax.

Now start at the beginning and read this again. This time, allow yourself to fully absorb the true power of this message.

Then decide. Are you ready to release what no longer works? If so, declare that it’s time to give it up, and let it go! It’s done, gone, finished!

See yourself easily choosing what you truly want to expand in your experience. Now how does that feel? Sit with this for a moment, and really feel it in every cell of your body. Claim it as yours now! Know that this IS a liberating TURNING POINT for you. You are a master. Live happy! You’ve got the power!

Your friend and partner in divine discoveries,


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