Reclaiming Your Personal Power

by Laura Cardone, SOUL PATH branding expert.
One of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn for myself is in the area of Self responsibility. Some people like to call it Self-leadership, others’ call it integrity. I like to call it – Being True to your Self and what’s really important to you!

So here’s the bottom line. If there is an area that’s not working in our lives … then that’s an area, where we are not being true to what we really want. We’ve given our power away to excuses, and we are not taking action that is aligned with what we say we want!

So if you really want to grow your business, connect with fulfilling work, or create a juicy partnership with the love of your life, and it’s not happening, there’s only one reason why it hasn’t materialized.

You’re letting something else get it the way of what you said you wanted. It’s that simple! And you’ve made that something, more important than your dream!

So what gets in your way?  Just look at where you allow yourself to be stopped.

  •  Now break the cycle of creating from the past, and take a different action. No matter how small or big, take one step that is aligned with your goal or dream. And then keep taking those steps… in a spirit of play! And if you stumble, get up, brush yourself off and get back on your bike! Keep playing forward!

Enjoy your journey!

Laura Cardone

Your Life Is a Work of Art, Here Are Your Tools!    

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