Social Media Maintenance

downloadWith social media maintenance we use your content that you have already written- blogs, articles, newsletters, etc- and we use that valuable collateral to create posts to your social media accounts. Each of these posts have a link back to a specific page on your website or blog based on the particular strategy we have in mind. We also use pictures and memes (Facebook images with writing on them) for high visibility. We do this to bolster your presence between your live posts. This plan is most effective when combined with your direct nurturing of your social media accounts. We have specific strategies for Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, and Linkedin.

For more information on how you can do that, consider social media coaching.

What you get:

  • More time to spend growing your business
  • A maintained social media presence
  • Goal-oriented campaigns
  • Content published daily
  • Valuable information that attracts clients and prospects
  • Growth, traffic, brand exposure ultimately leading to more sales, more clients, more money!

 Setup: 1-2 months depending on your budget

  • Adding friends/followers from your warm market
  • Identifying partnerships and joint ventures to cross-promote
  • Identifying Linkedin groups that contain your target market
  • Research twitter keywords for your industry and use Twitter strategy for attracting followers and creating a buzz
  • Google plus circles setup and suggestions
  • Pinterest pin boards

Content Strategy: see plan info below

  • Monthly twitter campaign with a specific goal in mind (can be different each month) for example, newsletter opt-ins, event advertising, etc
  • Weekly posting to Facebook fanpage/s and/or personal profile
  • Posting to linkedin groups
  • Posting to google plus, pinterest, other social media accounts where your target market “hang out”
  • Continuing to reach out to strategic partners and build audience

Contact me for more details.

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