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Custom Designed Websites

I make websites that are a slice of YOU. Your brand, your passion, your vision for your company.

You get:

  • A custom designed website JUST the way you want it
  • Content management system so you can easily update on-page content
  • Walk through by my on-staff trainer and resources for how to edit the content
  • Updated features like social sharing, blog, RSS feeds, your audio/video, & more so your visitors have a more connected feeling, stay longer, and begin to trust in you and your business
  • SEO friendly so you attract MORE CUSTOMERS to make MORE MONEY
  • eCommerce friendly so you can accept payment instantly online (additional charge may apply)


What I do:

  1. Help you move your site to a new hosting provider if needed. This can be a lengthy process if you don’t know what you’re doing. I help you navigate the software differences and call support if needed. Save yourself some time and headache and let me help you.
  2. Create a custom 5-page website template/design that you LOVE. This is where the FUN lives for me. I love taking your personal brand or concept and making a website to reflect you. Check out my testimonials and look at the examples above.
  3. Add your content, links, social media buttons, optin forms, etc that make your site UPDATED and FUN to use and most important capture leads for business. Today websites are no longer “static”. They are living, breathing, and interactive. Giving your audience options to share information on social sites, by email, and to interact from your site increases traffic and the time spent on your site. In the long run, this equals ROI. The sites I designed are modern and updated to take advantage of the technology– and best of all you don’t have to be an expert to use them!
  4. Use the text and images provided by you to create a site appropriate for your target customer. If you don’t already know what images and text are best for your target market, I can help with some suggestions. You might want to do some research and see what else is out there. Find someone who does professional writing. Make sure that you are speaking to your customers from their perspective and answering a “need” instead of just trying to sell to them.
  5. Run you through the back end features of your site if you have chosen a CMS platform like Joomla or WordPress so you can navigate site changes  yourself. If you do not want a maintenance plan and want the freedom and flexibility to be able to make changes to the content on the page yourself, then this is a great opportunity to learn how. I will show you how to add and change pages, update your blog (if a blog is present) how to do routine maintenance of the site, and more.
  6. Add elements like image rotators, slideshows, video, and audio as requested. The sites that I create are meant to be interactive. People like to see content that “moves”. Whether it is a slideshow that rotates on your home page, videos embedded in the page, or other media. I add touches that make your site “dynamic”!
  7. Make suggestions for SEO, blogging, branding, etc. I give you feedback and suggestions on how to increase the exposure of your site, including how to measure the effectiveness and reach of your website, how to gather information to add to your blog, and where to register your site for better SEO. These suggestions are included in the package price and I will be happy to assist you when you select a maintenance plan.

Additional maintenance plans available.

Contact me today for a free website Rx Consultation.

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