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Your Brand: Success Or Sabotage~Part 2

By Becky Harmon, BOLD IDENTITY Expert.

This is part two in a series of three on personal and organizational branding.

Creating a BOLD identity is essential for anyone who wants clarity, confidence and consistent success in their life. Your personal “brand” is a reflection of who you are core-wise. Your unique talents, character traits and strengths.

The process of “personal branding” relays to your friends, family and the world what makes you different from everyone else. What young and old people alike are searching for today is not so much success, but rather significance. Your identity is what makes you attract passionate and purposed partnerships or detracts from your ability to connect.

Here are a couple fun ways for you to take ownership of the identity you want to portray to others personally and organizationally.

  1. You must learn to like yourself at a core level. Not sure what is RIGHT about you? Go here and take Mark Gungors flag page test. It’s a really fun personality test that I have found amazingly accurate! To understand what exactly are your talents. What you will flex about and what you are totally non-negotiable about. Write down 3 to 5 things that you make up your unique brand and how you can communicate that consistently to those around you.
  2. Take control of what you can and relinquish to God what you can’t. We all sabotage ourselves inadvertently and that is why it is so important to be in prayer and doing confessions over yourself daily about WHO you are where you want to grow. If you want to continually be growing in influence, finances and service to others, you must be aware of the impact you make on those around you. I use John Eckhardts crazy titled book of scripture confessions, “Prayers That Rout Demons and Break Curses”. I write down WHO I want to become personally and organizationally and confess that over myself and my family members weekly.
  3.  Communicate WHO you and your business are CONSISTENTLY. Yes, I have raised my voice:) The long-term goal of branding is to relay what makes you significant. That happens through social media, eZines, your logo and website. Be consistent with who you are, what you do for others and how you do it. When you communicate your personal and organizational brand, you take the work you have done practically and prayerfully and begin to separate yourself from others boldly and with grace. Boldness does not mean pushy. It means clarity and confidence.
  4. Update your physical identity. Just as you update your internal brand and identity, you need to work on your external appearance. Did you know people form INSTANT opinions based on your appearance. It does not have to be right. It is fact. If you care about serving people powerfully you must be willing to go the extra mile to model to them a Bold physical identity so that they are assured you can deliver what you are promising. Alot of the reason why I have created a whole new system to help my clients do this is because after they have done the internal identity work, they now have to update their outer identity to match the new powerful internal one they have!

Becky Harmon

Success Not Sabotage

Becky is a certified Atlanta Life Coach and National Speaker  and is passionate about equipping Christians to move  from sabotage to success.  She has coached hundreds of men and women out of personal sabotage and into success. Determined to  become an overcomer after self-sabotaging herself with food, alcohol, rejection, depression and resentment, Becky through the grace of God, has succeeded and is paving the way for countless others to experience the best God has for them. She is a founding member of KSU Toastmasters Club and a member of the Georgia Christian Counselors Association.

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